Midas help
Please use our Museum Interactive Data Access System to search our databases


The Cemeteries database contains 5350 names from thirteen local cemeteries

The Library lists hundreds of books and documents many of which can be viewed on-line

The Surnames database can be searched to place people in the area at specific times

MIDAS also provides a preview and details of the museum's collection


To search specific databases select from the menu above or use the Search option

The Collection database contains the 4907 items of the museum collection

The Images database contains 19616 images of local significance

The Library database contains 7183 entries of which 561 are pdf documents

The Periodicals database contains 1243 documents which can be viewed on-line


Midas is best viewed in the Chrome web browser and cookies and pop-ups must be enabled

Please use the Help file for details of enabling pop-ups and to adjust the display in Chrome